The Wood Panel Program

"Slow-cooked and a little psychedelic like good gumbo with shrooms. Subdued, profound like a library." - Peter J. Hochstedler

Songs of old soul deliverance, sung and fingerpicked to blisters over light layers of drone-out, served up with found-sound palette cleansers recorded on the sly during Joshua's travels across the USA and at home. Lansing, SF, NOLA, Boston, DC.

This is the former Fields of Industry frontman's annual birthday release of new and old songs, but all new-to-you. Realized with much joy, speed and consternation from March to May of 2012; completed within hours of birthday number 31 to keep the author's promise to himself of doing this, someway, somehow, every single year for the rest of his life. This was the last recording to be made in the beloved wood-paneled studio room of the AvE House and finds heroes John Fahey and Johnny Cash either tapping their feet or turning in their graves.

Issued physically on cassette by Lafayette Recs. Cassettes come with a free download.